Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As you lay there next to the sea, Girl
You remind me of memories and how freedom used to taste.
You invade my dreams , You're beauty is etched in my work with ink,
But i've forgotten how your face used to look,
All i remember is the softness of your hair,
The contrast of the brown sand with your pearly feet,
The white and blue dress that gently swayed in the direction of the breeze.
I sit by my window sometimes,
Canvas on a stand, a palette in my hand,
I try to paint you,
I try to remember your face,
But only adjectives come to my mind,
Never a picture.
I haven't been able to forget you Girl,
You plague me like thoughts plague the mind,
And the empty canvas still waits to be filled with colour.

(This is a poem for a friend to whom it was promised. My blog is more of a journal for me, but here is a poem i present to you. I hope you like it.)


  1. Very well written.
    But " you plague me like thoughts plague the mind"?..isn't she a thought as well?

  2. Well i wanted to parallel the word plague with a suitable phrase and the mind being 'plagued' with thoughts is the best example as we can never seem to get rid of our thoughts and have an empty mind.
    And thoughts come and go, she is imprinted in my mind.
    She's in my memory.
    So she's not really a thought, but occasionally frequents them.

  3. This is really nice! :) Well written..I'm touched! One one you coming up soon.I miss you even more now..

  4. Funk. I don't understand poetry as such, more like I prefer not to but I love your poetry:)