Saturday, February 6, 2010


My blogging attempts have a history.Back when i was fifteen i decided to start my first blog. Blogging was the new phenomenon. Hotter than anything else and before facebook became the new "It" thing. And so i decided. It was all about getting a lot of views. I was writing a blog. People had to see it. Get to know about it. And hence i did everything i could. Wrote a music blog. Did the whole adsense thing. But never really did it because i wanted to just write what i was thinking or what was really relevant to me. So, i got inspired courtesy my friend Devika , and this is it. "Girl in the City" ; on what it's like. On what everything's like. My world. My life. Other's lives. Or anything that interests me or what i'm thinking about.
I think a blog should be something personal. Your experiences. Something that other people can hopefully relate to too. A blog is like a secret best friend.
So hoping this'll be a long friendship.
Here's to my latest blog.


  1. alryt- welcome to blogging my friend. if my sad attempts have inspired yo , guess you must really like me a lot !

    i can see , posts about street play practices up here soon , new lame jokes we crazk , lamer things we do , our sad would be cast and our sadder competition ---- its gonna be a lot of fun . add me to ur blog an author - and im already following you -- bon voyage my friend!!

  2. Interesting.

    Did you know, Priya, that the vast majority (almost 100%, in fact) of all blogs ever started have only one reader, and that is the blogger him/herself?

    Aye, but your blog is different. Because I read it too, now.

  3. "So guess one thing i've learnt is that if you wanna do something with it; Life will never cease to get more complicated. And for a Girl in the City, all she can do like me, is pray that by paying more attention to one thing the other doesn't get hurt." Priya if your relationship ends up because of the above given reason, do you think you were dating the right guy, would you call this love?