Saturday, February 6, 2010


What preceeded my joining LSR was a crash course class in engineering. It was at this godforsaken mecca of tuition centres near Saket. Everyone arrived there every morning from all over the place. Some with dreams and aspirations in their eyes, some with parental pressure and some with plain boredom. I fell somewhere between the last two as i joined. And those two months of my life, though highly unproductive were pretty interesting.
I'll tell you the whole story some other time when i'm ready to visit the whole 'Ghosts of the boyfriends past' thing . Well there was a lot of Taylor Swift listening, 'He's not that into you' watching and the making of a best friend. A best friend i didn't know i was going to be pretty much in love with later.
So well i joined LSR, and my Math honours course with a fresh mind, and a best friend, who himself having joined at North Campus continually made fun of my girls college status.
This was going to be a new year. The start of a new life. The start of College.
It had always been a big thing. Going to college had been everything that we wanted and more. Those long late night discussions at school with my friends promised everything.
Fun, getting sloshed nights,hook ups ; bascially a weird rendition of Gossip Girl hopefully without the bitches.
Joining a girls college had NEVER been on my radar.I mean the opposite sexes were meant to be together. It was nature's law! So seeing like 800 girls pouring down the corridors when the bell rang was a bit, if not to say VERY unnerving.
I would go home and like i had been doing for the past 4 months that i'd known him, tell him everything that was happening. Who said what. who i liked, who i didn't. He was a good listener. He still is. So as college progressed and the Rules of 'Harry met Sally'(see it if you haven't) finally applied to the both of us. We started dating.
So now it was College and boyfriend. It was fine to have two things in life to take care of. I would come back home from college and talk to him till i slept. Daily ritual. Dedicated girlfriend.
But then i gave my auditions for street theatre. That was something that really changed my life.
Now i had drama which was on around the clock. Boyfriend.College.Hmmm. Didn't go down that well but i tried to handle.
Then came the exams. Now this was getting too hard. College,boyfriend,drama, exams. Getting your brain to function when your heart really didn't was too much to handle. I admit we had a few fights then. Conveniently leading to my flunking my analysis paper. Thankfully my common sense got the better of me in the others so i could afford to retain some dignity there.
Now that over. I'm back to juggling three things. A breath of fresh air.But i'm standing for drama secretary and director for next year. Elections are another hassle.
So guess one thing i've learnt is that if you wanna do something with it; Life will never cease to get more complicated. And for a Girl in the City, all she can do like me, is pray that by paying more attention to one thing the other doesn't get hurt.
Good luck to the juggling. And one day when i actually know how it works properly, I'll probably write to you about it, or maybe even a book. Because if anyone can tell me how they can juggle all this.
I'd say hat's off.


  1. han .... bdhiya love story hain..iv loved knowing u for letting me knw aditya :) continue writing girlie ...

  2. :P
    I knw you love him more than me!!@!

  3. hmmmm.... not quite true ---- i love him a lot more than you :P